Acme® Alpha (ABGOR) Folders

All folders have double ply tabs and are packed 500 per carton. Two color bands are used to identify the primary letter. These folders are used with ABGOR Name Labels from page 17 to create the Acme® Double Band Alphabetic system. The folders are sold in packs of 10 of any letter. Acme® Alphabetic folders are also available in standard assortments of 1000 breakdown as listed below.

Item # Weight Stock Size
KKMR411RSDFA* 11 pt. Manila Letter
KKMR411RSDFASMT 11 pt. Manila Letter
KKMR414SDFA* 14 pt. Manila Letter
KKMR511RSDFA* 11 pt. Manila Legal
1000 Standard Assortment
* Indicate letter desired.
A-32 E-22 I-4 M-93 Q-2 U-4
B-97 F-38 J-26 N-17 R-48 V-10
C-80 G-49 K-36 O-13 S-102 W-68
D-49 H-78 L-45 P-45 T-34 XYZ-8